April 27, 2007 by Tim

The new downloadable heroes and villains are finally available for Marvel Ultimate Alliance. For a simple button masher, MUA provided a good chunk of entertainment for my friends and I. We’ve had an itch to replay the game on hard, and the new characters seem like all the justification needed to do so.

Someone sent me an email in response to my little blurb on Wednesday about MMOs and the hand-holding and lack of challenge etc, that caught my eye. This particular reader asked me, if I were to create an MMO, what genre would it be? And what features would I implement?

Obviously, as a gamer, this is something I’ve thought about. We all have. The “If I could create this game, here’s what I would do better”. So I have some ideas, but I’ve never really put any down on paper.

As of right now, I’m a few comics ahead, and as I’ve been busting my ass all week, by the end of today, fingers crossed, I’ll be two weeks ahead. I want to take a bit of time off and focus on some other projects that need my attention.

I was thinking that I might put down on paper some of my ideas about my “ideal” MMO. I’ll post ’em next week, and then you guys can tear it apart if you want.

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