Regarding the RSS feed…

July 15, 2015 by Tim

We are aware the RSS feed is not working properly. It is announcing a new comic has been posted when in fact the page has not posted yet.

A few months back we switched some server stuff around, and my auto-update system for the comic broke. That is the system that previously let me upload a comic into the database and then it would automatically post on the specified date. We worked on it for a while, but it just wouldn’t cooperate.

Anyway, since we’re working on building a whole new website, we didn’t bother to dedicate any more time to trying to fix it. I’ve just been manually updating the comics when I wake up in the morning.

However sometimes when I know I won’t be around in the morning, I still put the comic into the system early, and then I can make it update remotely via my phone. But the RSS sees it in there at midnight and sends out a notice, even though I may not make the page post until hours later.

So there’s the gist of it. We’re aware of the disconnect, and just asking you to bear with it for a little while longer.

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