August 3, 2009 by Tim

So I’m home from ConnectiCon now. Thank you to everyone who came to the panels on Friday, or by my table on Friday and Saturday. Getting to talk with people face to face is one of my favorite parts of attending conventions, so it was really nice to see you all this weekend. ConnectiCon is the only convention I’m doing this year, mostly due to the attention our new house warrants. However next year I’m aiming to get back on the circuit like I used to years ago, and will be trying to hit up some conventions I’ve never done before.

I’ve got a lot to do this month, but I’ll definitely be making time for Fat Princess. Once they patch out the multiplayer/connection issues I’ll try and set up a Fat Princess GameDay where we can all jump on and play some matches. I just hope it happens soon, I’d hate to see it become another Castle Crashers (where by the time they fix the issues, a lot of people have given up and moved on).

Of course, we also have Turtles in Time: Reshelled this week. Fingers crossed there are no co-op connectivity issues there, because I’ve been itching for Turtles in Time all summer.

Now Konami just needs to release Metal Warriors on XBLA, with updated graphics or not, and my “favorite games from my childhood” collection will be complete. So, how about it, Konami?

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