Webcomic Auction Thing

August 2, 2009 by Tim

So I found out today that there seems to have been a miscommunication involving the cameo appearance I had planned to give away for the charity auction.

I was unable to attend the actual auction, so the appearance in the comic strip etc was supposed to be auctioned off by proxy… and I signed a comic book with the word “Congratulations” that was supposed to be given to the winner, with instructions to meet me at my table to do the sketch/talk about the character/storyline, etc.

Apparently this information got miscommunicated, and all they auctioned off was the signed comic book with no mention of the guest appearance in the strip.

So I’m hoping now that I can find the winner of the auction via the website, and I can get you your sketch and guest appearance. I have your name, so if you bid on (and won) a signed Analog and D+Pad at ConnectiCon this weekend, you’re entitled to quite a bit more. So please email (include your name) so we can get things squared away.

On an unrelated note, I saved some of the limited edition posters from the con, and will try to find a way to offer them online.

Thank you to everyone who came by the table/panels this weekend, it was a lot of fun meeting you all.

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