RF Online

February 20, 2006 by Tim

So I mentioned RF Online and that I didn’t like it, and people wanted to know why.

Let me start by saying that I was really looking forward to RF Online. I mean, big fucking mechs, right? Who doesn’t love robots? The graphics looked solid, so I was hopeful.

Unfortunately RF Online is a very typical Korean MMO experience. That’s not to say anything negative about Korean games, but over in Asia I think they look for different things in their video games than we do. It’s an entirely different culture, so that’s natural.

RF Online, I feel, follows the same grain as Lineage 2, for example. Really pretty graphics, absolutely no depth. Next to nothing for character customization options, so everyone looks the same, and not a whole lot of frills in the gameplay department. RF Online is pretty much a straight level treadmill for the sole purpose of maxing out skills so you can compete in the faction warfare.

I know not everyone shares the same opinion, but when I play an MMO, I want the option of achieving a sense of individuality through my avatar, via character creation and armor selection.

MMO’s nowadays have brought us to expect a bit more than just a pretty level grind, and I don’t feel RF Online offers that. So mechs or not, it’s just not a game I’m going to play.

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