Rhymes with Puma

January 30, 2008 by Tim

I hope you’re all enjoying the daily updates while they last. I’ve gotten some pretty positive feedback about this little story, so I’m glad you guys can enjoy the tale despite my amateur attempt at poetry. It’s definitely a departure from the norm for me,  I’m certainly not a poet and I’ve never really attempted poetry (outside of that other WEMas tale 4 years ago) to any great degree. But the whole thing has been really fun and challenging. One more page, then two regular comics and I then I finally get a day off again.

I think once the seven pages are finished, and there’s no more deadline to work under, I’m going to go back and try to polish/fix some of the verse to make it flow better.

I haven’t really had time to organize any WEMas events with fans this year, due to the daily updates. But I’ve been hearing via email and the forums that Winter-een-mas celebrations are in full gear, and the holiday is even popping up other places. ZipZoomFly wished gamers a Happy Winter-een-mas in one of their promotional emails. I’ve heard from various sources that Winter-een-mas was mentioned on G4, and dutch and german radio stations. Pretty cool.

Thursday, the last day of Winter-een-mas, is also the last day to register for Digital Overload for $50. After Thursday, the price goes up again. Additionally, tournament sign-ups are now open. There are limited spots, and they’re filling up fast, and you need to be registered and paid to sign up for a tournament. So get those registrations completed soon.

I finally got to see the remake of 3:10 to Yuma. I loved it. Great movie with a great cast based on a great western. Though I am never going to be able to see Alan Tudyk die without getting Serenity flashbacks. Definitely recommend the film, the original or the remake.

Also I’m told that we’re extending the $19.99 offer for the Ctrl+Alt+Del Animated Series Season 2 until February 15th, after which the price goes up.

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