Time to catch them all, I suppose!

March 4, 2011 by Tim

Less than a week to go until Dragon Age 2. I played through the demo twice, once on the Xbox, once on my PC, attempting to decide which platform I wanted to buy the game for.

Normally, this sort of decision would have been a no-brainer… large RPGs like Fallout 3, Oblivion, Dragon Age, etc, I buy on the PC. Not only to push the graphics to max, or because I prefer the keyboard/mouse, but also for the modding community. Once the SDK for a game like this hits, you can generally find a lot of player-made content that will extend the life of the game.

However, on the flip side, my couch is really comfortable. I sit at this computer in my office all day for work. Generally at the end of the day, when it’s time to do a little bit of gaming, I don’t generally find myself incredibly eager to sit here in the same place for a few more hours. In fact, I think it may be contributing factor to how often I don’t even finish these big RPGs.

Since hauling my PC out into our living room is not an option, for the first time I’m actually having trouble deciding where I’d enjoy playing this game the most. Chances are, I’ll be wavering back and forth until the very last second.

I’ll be purchasing another game next week as well. Last summer I made a promise. After revealing that I had never before so much as touched any game in the Pokemon franchise (and weathering the inundation of email and tweets about it), I promised that I would buy the next generation of Pokemon games and finally give it a try.

Well folks, that day is finally upon us. So when I buy Dragon Age 2, I will also be buying Pokemon Black (or White, I dunno). I will give the game its fair shot, and report back what I thought about the whole thing. I’ll admit, I’m pretty curious to see what all the fuss is about, and since this generation of games apparently starts with a fresh slate, I don’t feel like I’m necessarily stumbling into a decades-old franchise behind the eight ball. We’ll see what happens!

In other totally bitchin’, winning news, not only are we getting the Game of Thrones HBO series this year, but book #5, A Dance With Dragons, finally has a solid, honest-to-goodness release date! Weeee!

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