Sexiest gamer? Pfft

October 10, 2003 by Tim

CAD GameDay: Well, today’s GameDay is officially over. It went absolutely great. We had an awesome turnout, and we ended up playing for about 7-8 hours straight, with a short break in the middle.

I want to thank everyone who came out and played. I had a lot of fun, and I’ll be sure to use AA again for our GameDay real soon. I kicked some ass, and got my ass kicked. All in all, a really fun afternoon.

I’m fairly certain you’d like to start off by reading today’s comic. When you’re done, make sure to come back here. We’ve got a lot to talk about.

First of all, the CAD Store is back in full swing. T-Shirts are back, along with some new designs. We now also offer Sweatshirts and 3XL shirts, which we didn’t have before. The first CADSkins Console skin is available, for the GameBoy Advance SP. More are soon to follow.

I’ve lowered prices all around, and reorganized the shipping costs so they are less expensive. S0 get shopping!

Also, if you happened to miss the announcement on Wednesday, I will be attending Nekocon in Virginia, from November 7th and 9th. I’ll be doing panels, selling shirts and posters, and signing stuff. Be sure to swing by.

On an interesting note, as of this writing, I’m in the top ten on that Sexiest Gamer thing. But somehow I ended up on the UK list. Apparently I was relocated and someone forgot to tell me. EDIT: Some of you don’t know which one I am. This is my ugly self.

Tomorrow’s CAD GameDay is still on for America’s Army. I’ll be posting information tomorrow morning.

Got a couple of links for you…

First, some of you may remember a web comic called Montana Hills. Well, it’s returned under a different named. SO head on over to Ripeville.

Also check out Didn’t think this through.

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about the inevitable Half Life 2 delay. While this is unfortunate to say the least, let us not dwell on the sorrow of losing HL2, but instead we shall rejoice that Max Payne 2 arrives next week. Wednesday to be exact.

I’ve been playing Savage every chance I get. I retract me previous statements about the Humans. They don’t suck, they just require much more skill to play than the Beasts. I have now, in fact, seen Humans beat the beasts multiple times.

Clicky the button.

More on everything later.

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