And yet further proof….

October 24, 2003 by Tim

…That there are some real fucking idiots in this world. Take a look.

I am, and always will be of the firm belief that if a kid goes out and shoots someone because he saw it in a video game, either a) the kid was fucked up in the head to begin with, or b)the kid’s parents didn’t school the kid on the difference between reality and fiction.

It pisses me off when these parents try to shrug the blame onto others. I’ve voiced this opinion before, and I’m sure I’ll end up voicing it again sometime. Thanks to Mark Howard for pointing me in the direction of that article.

I know there are probably dozens of organizations of simple-minded parents and politicians whos sole purpose is to attack video games… but I ask you this: Are there any organizations of gamers whos purpose is to combat those accusations?

Let me know if there is, because I’m of a mind to start one if there isn’t.

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