Shades of gray

October 10, 2005 by Tim

I’ve put in more time with Black and White, so I now feel qualified to tell you that this game is wonderful. That’s my professional opinion.

Not that I wasn’t expecting anything Peter Molyneux touched not to turn to gold, but you have to remain skeptical if you want to form a solid opinion. Who knows, maybe this could have been his colossal flop.

But it isn’t.

Graphics, really good. There are certain glowy effects I’m not a complete fan of, but they are minimal.

The sounds and music are crisp and clear, and the voiceovers of your good and evil helpers is well done (exactly as you’d expect from the first game).

The controls are better, but not perfect. Certain things still feel a little clumsy to me. The movement around the island is good, but in a moment where you need to move from point A to point B in a quick amount of time, sometimes you’ll overshoot your destination, or fumble with the rotation a bit. It does get easier with practice though.

There seems to be a lot more substance to the game this time around. And of course, you are welcome to be as evil or as saintly as you desire.

However, as evil a god as I am, I still had a hard time grappling with my creature’s decision to shit on a peasant’s head.

I mean come on… that’s just fucked up.

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