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March 2, 2007 by Tim

I’m pretty swamped for the next week with last minute preparations for Digital Overload, so this will be nice and short.

First of all, if you’re attending Digital Overload, today is your last day for updating your account information and the computer equipment you’re bringing. You will be able to update when you check-in at the event, but doing it now speeds up the process at the door, and helps us get people into the hall faster.

This game, Stuntman: Ignition looks pretty neat. Like Burnout only… more fire?

I played a bit of the G.R.A.W.2 MP demo that’s on XBL, and I found it pretty enjoyable. I’m still annoyed that you can’t use cover like in single player again, but I guess I can overlook that in light of the vastly improved MP graphics. We’ll have GRAW2 running on multiple systems at Digital Overload, so I’ll report after I’ve played some of the LAN MP.

Additionaly, Alien Hominid HD hit the arcade this past Wednesday. The game is old hat, but the style is absolutely great. And it’s by The Behemoth, the makers of the upcoming XBLA game Castle Crasher, which is my #1 anticipated arcade game for the 360.

Though Konami is bringing the old TMNT 4-player arcade games to XBLA… That game got so many of my quarters back in grade school.

Also, Worms will hit the XBLA next week, so that should be pretty fun as well.

Anyway, I’m going back to work. I’ll leave you with a few game videos to peruse.

Dark Sector


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