Splodey Money

March 5, 2007 by Tim

If I didn’t already have a PS3, this commercial would make we want to buy one. Because although the commercial has nothing to do with the console or its games, I get the impression that owning a PS3 must somehow entitle me to a life where grenades are thrown about, and suitcases full of money explode.

Not to say that my current life isn’t wonderfully interesting, but, come on. Exploding money.

Anyway, Digital Overload 2007 kicks off this Friday. I am anxious, nervous, excited and stressed. It’s going to be a great time, though.

I’ve posted up some additional events that will be running this weekend, that aren’t on the posted schedule.

I’ll make a huge Digital Overload preparation post on Wednesday (my last post until next week), but here are a couple of things to start keeping in mind:

  • Remember to print out, sign and bring your waiver with you.
  • Remember that you need at least 25′ of Cat 5 networking cable. This is not supplied for you.
  • Remember to bring your own power strip for any equipment you’re bringing. Your BYOC spot only gets you one plug. This goes for people bringing consoles and displays as well.
  • When you line up on Friday, have all of your equipment with you. It all has to be registered. If you bring in one piece of equipment, then go back out to the car for another, you’ll need to wait in line again.
  • Carts with wheels are not allowed inside the event hall (the wheels dont play nice with all the cords around). You can wheel your equipment up to registration, and carry it from there.
  • Volunteers for registration, security and tournaments are still appreciated.
  • No speakers are allowed inside the event. Leave your surround sound at home, and get some headphones.

As I said, I’ll post a more comprehensive list of things come Wednesday.

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