March 11, 2013 by Tim

I picked up the new SimCity last night, because I wanted to play a game where I wasn’t shooting or stabbing things. I’d held off in light of the launch disaster, but it seems they’re beginning to get on top of the problems.

I played in a short timed beta/demo thing last month, so I already had a feel for the game, but that didn’t stop me from getting sucked in for a few hours straight last night (and another few this afternoon). It is, after all, a SimCity game.

I couldn’t find a region to join that wasn’t full, so I made my own. It didn’t take long to realize just how important it can be to have other cities in the region to trade/deal with. I could claim those other city plots for myself, of course, but I’d rather focus on my city and have actual neighbors to work with. I don’t mind right now, since this is my first city. But when I inevitibly raze the city to the ground and start a new one, armed with more city planning knowledge, I’ll make sure it’s in a region with other people.

Launch/connection issues aside (of which I experienced none, having waiting a week to get the game), the newest SimCity seems like a solid update to the franchise. Immediately familiar if you’ve played the classic games, and yet still with a fresh coat of paint that makes it fun and exciting.

I’m also trying to play through Tomb Raider, but my wife has stipulated that I can’t play it without her, so progress is slow-going. It will take a miracle to wrap that up before Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate comes out next week, which I will most certainly be playing gorging on. I’ll be sure to post whatever pertinent information is necessary should any readers wish to join me for a hunt or two.

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