Simon, Winter-een-mas, and Prints

January 28, 2013 by Tim

On Friday I made a post to let you guys know about a pretty scary experience that my wife and I went through last week with our little dog Simon. You can read it at length here.

I’m very happy to report that Simon is now home with us, and that the second stent plus the rings seem to be doing the trick, providing the airway structure that he needs to breath comfortably. We’re in recovery mode now, and focused on getting Simon healed from the surgery, and spending as much time with him as we can.

My focus on Simon’s worsening condition over the past two months took precedence over any work outside of the regular comic strips, which means that my plans for this year’s Winter-een-mas festivities pretty much fell apart. I was hoping to do a stream marathon for charity with prizes, etc, but can’t currently commit to that. I’ll try to plan it for February.

I would still like to do something with you guys though, so I’m currently thinking perhaps Wednesday evening, a League of Legends Murder Bridge/ARAM marathon with readers. Maybe even some regular games too. I’ll have to see how things are going with Simon this week, but I’ll post more info on Wednesday.

I also put a Limited Edition Signed print up for sale. Since the Players and their Roleplaying adventures will be making periodic appearances in the comic, I drew them up as their fantasy RP characters, exploring the unknown dark.

The print is sized at 8×10, and ships matted to a gray 11×14 photo mat. So all you have to do is grab an 11×14 frame from Walmart or wherever, pop it in and you’re all set. This is what it will look like when it shows up:

Each print will be hand signed and numbered, and I’ll personalize them in you so choose. They ship via USPS anywhere in the world, and ship in a plastic sleeve inside a rigid cardboard mailer, to prevent bending during transit.

I had originally said I’d have these on sale for about a week, but the response has been pretty solid. So, since I have to sign and number and mat each one myself and I want to preserve the Limited nature of the print, I will only be accepting orders through Wednesday night, at midnight. After that the print will no longer be for sale, and I can focus on actually getting these prints out to you. You can order one from here before then.

I will, likely, do other Limited prints from time to time. A couple of people have mentioned they would love to have a nice print of the original cast, Ethan, Lucas, Lilah, etc, from before their impending reboot, so I may do that next.

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