Our new sponsor

January 28, 2013 by Tim

As you’re probably aware, our wonderful sponsors are a big part of keeping this site running, and letting me continue to put out the comics for you.

This month we’re being sponsored by the great folks over at DK Online, a nifty new free-to-play MMO with some neat features such as the ability to transform into different monsters to boost your combat capabilities! With four different races and four different classes, PVE and PVP, and a really awesome Castle Siege mechanic, DK Online has a little something for everybody… and did I mention it’s free to download and play?

And on top of their sponsorship, they’re also offering Ctrl+Alt+Del readers a whole exclusive pack of in-game goodies. Never hurts to have a bunch of cool items when trying out a new MMO. So sign up and give it a spin, smash some monsters and siege some castles!

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