January 24, 2005 by Tim

Well, we got slammed with snow this past weekend. Saturday afternoon is started and didn’t let up until sometime Sunday morning. For me anyway. We only got about 8-9 inches, not as much as some places. I talked to my parents on Cape Cod who got about 2-3 feet.

I’ve moved my journal/sketchdump off of LiveJournal to its own website. Eventually I’ll set up an image gallery to house all of my sketches and other artwork.

Winter-een-mas starts tomorrow. The current storyline will continue right through to the end of Winter-een-mas, but I’m going to do something extra for the 7 days of the celebration. One of the things I encourage most is thanking the video game companies that provide us with all of this wonderful entertainment. So right here, for each day of Winter-een-mas, I will be publicly announcing my thanks to a different company whose products I have enjoyed over the years.

I hope everyone has a fun and happy celebration planned, and I want everyone to be safe travelling to different LAN parties and whatnot.

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