So anyway…

January 10, 2005 by Tim

Forget what I said last week about Wednesday’s comic being late. I didn’t end up going out of town. I did take the weekend off, but I’m back in the office now, back to work.

One of my priorities today is to get up a list of WEMas 2005 events. The list is growing longer every day. I’ve even been contacted by some people in varying degrees of power in certain corporations, such as Blockbuster and EBGames, interested in making WEMas tournaments and celebrations an annual event. I’ll get the list up soon, so you can start finding LANS and tournaments in your area, if you would like to.

Most people who ordered their Winter-een-mas 2005 shirts should be receiving them sometime this week. When you get them, be sure to take some pictures of you wearing them, so I can put them up in the Winter-een-mas galleries.

I googled Winter-een-mas last night, and came up with 7,600 hits. The holiday is indeed spreading.

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