Sounds fair

August 22, 2003 by Tim

What? A comic? Sure, why not. And while you’re at it, be super sexy.

T-Shirt Pre-Orders are going very well. Just to recap what I mentioned earlier in the week, Pre-Ordering ends on Monday the 25th! So get those orders in!

“Why pre-order?” you ask? Well first of all it gaurantees you the color and size that you want will be in stock, since I’ll know before I send the job to the printer who needs what. It also means that you’ll be among the first people ever to be wearing these new CAD T-shirts. Pretty spiffy huh? And if that wasn’t enough, everyone who pre-orders will be receiving a limited edition, signed print of the Ctrl+Alt+Del cast included in their order, as a ‘Thank You’ for your support.

Speaking of ‘thank you’s’, let’s all thank Sword in Hand for sponsoring us this week by going over to their website and saying hello. Show ’em some monkey love.

Also, Sam Logan from Sam and Fuzzy emailed me to thank us for all of the traffic and votes we sent his way, so I’m going to whip up a nifty new wallpaper for you all. Meanwhile, if you want to head back over there, go for it. I’m sure Sam will wet himself with joy.

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