For the past few years I’ve drawn my comic entirely in the computer, from sketching all the way through colors. But when I started ten years ago, I would do all the initial sketches on paper, and then scan them into the computer to finish them. It led to a huge pile-up of paper that I’ve been storing for the past decade.

Long story short, I recently decided to clean out the closets in my office, and came across said mountain of artwork. I’d hung onto it all these years because it felt like I should; but really it’s just been taking up space. Space that I need for other stuff. It’s time to get rid of it. Initially I was just going to throw it all out, but then thought perhaps people might like to own it instead.

This stuff was never intended to be sold… in most cases they’re just the rough, barebones sketches that I used as a guideline for drawing the artwork in the computer. Still, they’re a part of the comic’s history, so who knows. I’ve gone through and picked out a handful that were in good condition, and thrown them up on eBay, along with various pieces of Ctrl+Alt+Del “memorabilia” and some other stuff I’m getting rid of.

All of the sketches that led to an actual finished piece of work (comics, the book covers, etc) will also come with a signed copy of that finished artwork, so you can frame them side-by-side if you want. I started the auctions at $5 a piece, so you guys can decide what you’re willing to pay for them. Obviously these are all one-of-a-kind.

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