June 7, 2003 by Tim

Prepare for a rant…

Okay, for those of you that do not know, I am rather young. Much younger than Absath. I’m 15 years old. Most people think I’m older than I really am, so I thought I’d get that out of the way first.

These past few weeks have been packed with stress. Several trains all aimed toward one point and decided to go at the same time, and instead of creating a wreck created a massive heap of work. When I took on the task of hiring new reviewers, I did it to lighten my work load. I really want to keep the review section active, and I can’t do that alone. I don’t have the time, or the funds necessary to do that. So now we have six other reviewers. Yay. Getting them ready to work, however, was a chore. I made templates, I made a new format, I tackled a swarm of applicants, I set up accounts, I did everything. One reviewer had to be removed from position. One reviewer had to be taught some knowledge of HTML and WYSIWYG editors. I’ve enjoyed the experience, make no mistake, but I wouldn’t exactly rush to do it again.

Then there is school. I’m in the final stretch of tenth grade right now, and I’ve had a massive workload. Between the Virginia Standards of Learning tests, culminating projects, finals, and a pile of homework that I had to finish before year’s end, I’ve been busy. Today (Saturday) I sat down and finished every scrap of homework, current and outstanding, for the fourth grading period. With that off my back, all I need to worry about are Finals. I’d rather take them all right now, but I still have a week of pointless review to sit through before I take Finals. I’m going to pass all my classes, thankfully, but the shitstorm isn’t over yet.

Socially, things have gone better this year than any year before. I was never a popular child. I was alway a social outcast, right up through middle school. I’ve always been kinda a dork, but a troublemaking one. I always got in trouble, for something. Good judgement was never my strong suit. After all, I stole over $100 to buy Star Wars toys once when I was much younger. Not a good move. In seventh and eighth grades, I was popular as a persona, kind of a fascade that I put up for the world. In ninth grade my persona collided with my emotions in the form of what I now know only as “the incident”. Long story short, fell in love with this girl because she helped me out of my depression, then she stabbed me in the back and made me suicidal, two months of hospitalization later I returned to find that I had lost most all my friends. Then after another hospitalization to further help me deal I started tenth grade. Its been good, I’ve made a lot of great friends, the likes of which I haven’t had before. Had an internet girlfriend for a while, not the wisest move but was interesting. I even kissed a girl for the first time (that was just this week, actually). Well, that girl that I kissed, I mentioned her in a previous news post. Well up until a while ago she had an idiot boyfriend whom I was very jealous of. See, she was a lesbian, then he gets obsessed with her, starts following her everywhere, and asks her out with utter disregard for her sexuality. She eventually accepted, which sent me for a loop, seeing as the only reason I didn’t ask her out was that I thought she was a lesbian… Well thats over now, and the idiot ex-boyfriend is now just a pain in the ass. He continues to follow her everywhere, and is really pathetically trying to get back together with her. (Will I let that happen? No.) Well I’m her best friend, and she is my best friend. She is still sorting through a lot on her own, and I respect that. Add this situation’s stress to the stress of one of my other friends being suicidal and borderline obsessive over an entirely different girl, one of my friends (and by friend I mean unwanted nuisance) continues to be a fucking lunatic obsessed with swords and giving people “smileys” which essentially means cutting their throat from ear to ear. Meanwhile I have all the CAD fans in chat and on AIM that I like to stay in contact with.

I have so many books I want to read, and so many movies I want to watch, and games I want to beat, and people I want to hang out with. I have time for none of that right now. I was talking to Absath about this, to which he said “Welcome to my life”, right around the time I realized I was living what could best be described as an adult, or near-adult life. I remember when I just played games, watched movies, went to school, messed about on the internet… It doesn’t seem like so long ago. Hell, I remember the blissful days of pre-school youth, when my parents were still together. I may be young… But damn… I grew up quickly.

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