SUMO Black Friday

November 27, 2014 by Tim

SUMO just launched their mobile site, and to celebrate, are offering discounts on all chairs purchased via mobile.

They also sent me over some special Black Friday coupon codes you guys can use to save as well.

$50 off the Gigantor and Titan (my personal favorite) beanbag chairs: BLACK50

$100 off the Maximus and Titanium beanbag chairs: MASSIVE100

$25 off beanbags (I assume those other than the ones listed above): BLACK25

I’ve always been a big fan of their chairs (you can check out some of my previous reviews here and here), and if you’ve had your eye on one, why not save some money to boot?

You can visit their website here, their mobile site here, and watch their new announcement video below (if for no other reason than the nightmare fuel at 0:56).

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