Super Roman Conquest

November 20, 2013 by Tim

So I backed this nifty sidescroller by some former LucasArts vets, Super Roman Conquest, on Kickstarter. It looked like a pretty neat idea, and the preview of their new art direction by Sean Ward (of Hyper Light Drifter) won me over:


Anyway, they were about a thousand dollars shy of their modest $30,000 goal, and some dicksuck who had pledged to their only $5000 reward tier withdrew his pledge at the last minute. Apparently to try and fuck them over. This is a thing people do on Kickstarter now, I guess.

So now they’re suddenly much further away from their goal, with just a couple of days left. I dunno, I thought the game looked fun and different, and the price ($10 secures you a copy) seemed right. Give it a look, and maybe back it if it’s something you’d like to see happen.

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