System overload

October 17, 2003 by Tim

CAD GameDay:Today we’re playing Savage, so go grab the demo and join us! The GameDay will go from about 12Noon EST until Midnight, or whenever people want to keep playing. Read below for information on how to connect.

GameDay is over. It was a blast… probably the best one yet. I want to thank everyone for showing up. We played 12 hours of Savage, and it was absolutely awesome. I want to thank S2 Games for all of their help.

For those of you that are Savage veterans, please keep in mind that there will be a lot of new people playing today. Let’s just have some fun. I would like for anyone who wants to give it a try as Commander to have a chance to do so before the day is done. However I do ask that you don’t request to be Commander for your first game. Play a few games on the ground level, and get a feel for it before you try the lead position.

Looking forward to seeing you all in-game!

Don’t forget that Saturday is our Savage GameDay. If you haven’t grabbed the demo yet, I suggest you do it today. That way you can get in some practice time before we start.

Most likely we’ll start around noon EST, and play until 10-Midnight. We might start a bit later if I, uhh.. oversleep. All information will be posted here when we begin.

I’ve played more video games in the last week than I have in the last month or two combined.

First there’s Savage which drains hour upon hour of my time to feed my hungry multiplayer addiction. I can’t hype this game enough. It’s just lots and lots of fun.

Then there’s Max Payne 2, which was released on Wednesday. This game is everything the original was and more. I find myself quickloading and repeating battles that I accomplished perfectly, just to get to do them over again. They are that damned cool.

I then went to see Kill Bill on Wednesday night. I think I may need to see it again. I thought it was a really great movie, but for reasons that I can’t find the words to describe. I mean.. the action was great, the fights were cool. It was bloody as all hell. The acting was good.. the directing was… well, it was Tarantino. I give it two thumbs up. Can’t wait for the second.

After the movie, my best friend and I headed back to my place and fired up Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes for the first time. We proceeded to put in an eight hour gaming session. That’s how fun it is. Still not convinced? We put in another eight hours on Thursday night. It is my firm belief that there are not nearly enough Co-Op games on the market, and that this is a gross oversight.

When you get right down to it, I find co-op games more satisfying that straight deathmatch. I don’t know why companies don’t feed this niche more.

At any rate, take all of this gaming and stuff sessions of FFT-A inbetween, and you’ve got yourself some serious gaming on the brain.

Trust me, I am not complaining. It’s just a bit of a system shock. I’ve been so busy with the comic for so long, I forgot what it was like to just take a break.

Also, there’s been word of a Halo PC demo that will be released at IGN today. I may need to call an emergency GameDay at some point. A short one, I would think. There will only be one multiplayer map, and that could get old pretty quick.

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