Temporary Filler

June 9, 2004 by Tim

I did it. The book is finished. It sits here in front of me, ready to be fedexed to the printer.

The thing is, it cost me another 36 hours with no sleep to do it.

I’m going to put up the new comic later tonight. I wanted to do it right now, but I sat down to draw and I just physically couldnt do it. That cheesy 5 minute sketch is all I could manage, my hands are shaking so badly.

The other day I was laughing about this, but I’m not laughing now. I’m in a serious amount of mental and physical anguish.

I want you guys to understand that this isn’t soley because of some nazi-regime deadline i set upon myself and torture my person to meet. It’s partially my own deadline, but there is also a deadline I have for the printer. If I fuck that deadline up, I run the risk of having the book seriously delayed, and that’s not something I’ll stand for. The book will be printed on time, and getting physically sick is just the price I had to pay.

As much as I want to do the comic right now, I can’t. I just need a nap. A couple of hours at least, to recharge my brain, and then I can get one up. I’ve asked my girlfriend to give me a wake-up call to be sure I don’t oversleep.

I promise I will have Wednesday’s comic up before the clock strikes Thursday.

Just, for right now, please bear with me. I know I’m letting you guys down this week, but the book is done. After this weekend I can take a short rest before I have to start gearing up to receive and ship them all. Just in the meantime… try not to even look at me funny. I swear I may keel over dead.

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