TERA Weekend

April 27, 2012 by Tim

The Diablo 3 beta is supposedly drawing to a close next week, but fortunately the TERA headstart begins tomorrow. I made my character last week during the open beta, and since I’ve preordered I get to keep him for launch. However for the past week the game has been unavailable, and I’d be lying if I were to say I weren’t seriously itching to stab some things.

The headstart opens up tomorrow afternoon, and I’ll be streaming live as I pick up where I left off with my level twenty-something Lancer. If you’re curious about the game, tune in and watch. I’ll attempt to answer questions and show off any portions of the game people want to see. I’ll likely get into a bit of everything… questing, crafting, dungeons, and since I’m on a PVP server, some nice ganking and being ganked uponst.

Make sure to follow me on Twitter and on my Ustream channel so you always know when I go live broadcasting a game or working on the comic strip.

If you’re already planning to play TERA at launch, our official guild is on the Jagged Coast PVP server. You can either whisper Kupcake in-game for an invite, or submit an application by typing /gapply The Rapscallions. The game won’t let you join the guild while you’re still in the prologue instance, so make sure you wait until you get onto the newbie island before you submit your application.

I’ll see you guys in TERA this weekend!

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