September 20, 2006 by Tim

Holy crap, Microsoft is just clobbering Sony today.

First of all, they’ve partnered with Hironobu Sakaguchi, the guy behind the Final Fantasy series to deliver two exclusive RPG’s to the 360. The first of which, Blue Dragon, will be packaged with the core 360 system in Japan for the holidays to help move the system.

This is along with 110 other games to accompany the console’s push in Japan. Better late than never.

Also Microsoft announced that the 360 will support 1080p through a software update, matching a feature that Sony has been holding up as a selling point of the PS3.

Not to mention the HD-DVD addon, which, coupled with a premium 360 system, still comes in less expensive than the PS3 and Blue-Ray.

Also, games like Contra, Dig Dug, and New Rally-X on XBLA.

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