That Ochoko Shame

February 22, 2017 by Tim

It drives me bananas when I summon someone someone into one of my Souls-y games, only to have them die right off the bat. The feeling is so much worse when it’s me that derps my way out of someone else’s game.

Ochoko cups aren’t impossible to farm… Nioh is littered with the graves of other players, who you can summon to fight for a chance at one. Still, since these revenants are based on actual players, and have all of the skills and gear of actual players, they can be fairly dangerous. Moreso than your average enemy. Thus while not a finite resource, I consider Ochoko cups to be a valuable commodity.

Therefore if someone spends one to summon me into their game, I feel a certain level of responsibility attached to that. Not only did they spend their item, but they may have had to wait 5-10min for a visitor depending on the time of day. On top of that, you can only visit someone else’s game if you’ve completed the mission they’re summoning you to. There’s a certain pressure to perform when you’re summoned to help.

It’s easy to get cocky about it, though. And that leads to slipping off an edge that perhaps you’ve navigated effortlessly a few dozen times, or getting punched in the dick by a boss’ “firin’ mah lazer’ two seconds into the fight.

So then not only have you wasted this person’s time/item, but that’s their image of you. Forever. “Moron that fell off the roof.”

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