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May 30, 2003 by Tim

I thought I’d share an email I received a few days ago:

“Hi! My name is (edited) and I really enjoy your comics.
But now you never post them anymore. What I’m trying to say is that i love your site because of its comics and the feeling that you always post a comic every day. But now you never post them and never the saturday game comic. Please write me back and tell me why or start posting them. I know there are peaple like me that you are letting down.

Well…keep up the nice comics in a hopefully faster rate if possible and please reply”

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this picture? I think it’s ridiculous that I have to continuously reiterate stuff that I make abundantly clear in my daily news posts and the FAQ. Do me a favor. If you’re a new reader, and have a question about the comic, peruse the FAQ to see if its been answered already. And if you ever find yourself feeling like I owe you anything, and that you’re going to write me a message telling me to give you something, shoot yourself in the throat. Please.

I mean, come on guys. It’s not like I don’t want to draw this strip everyday. I would gladly do it if I had the time. And I’m constantly working towards that goal. I would love to be able to support myself from the site. I am always looking for ways to make money from the comic. I update consistently in an attempt to build my readership. I’m attending my first convention in July in an attempt to get more exposure, and hopefully sell some artwork.

But untill I reach that point, I have to hold a regular job, which takes up a lot of time. A little consideration, please.

Speaking of the convention, I’m getting much closer to completing the first Ctrl+Alt+Del poster that I plan to be selling there. Tycho from Penny Arcade recommended a company that they used for their first poster. I looked it over, and I have decided that I’ll go with them.

The price is going to be rather hefty though, so what I may end up doing is selling advanced copies of the poster online in order to help foot the bill. I had originally planned to debut it at the convention, and sell leftovers online, but I may need to do it the other way around. I’ll keep you posted.

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