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January 22, 2007 by Tim

So the word on the street (and by ‘street’, I mean ‘not the street’), is that the Crackdown demo is now scheduled to arrive tomorrow at 2am PST. So, conceivably, by this time tomorrow we’ll be Super Cops.

Speaking of, Winter-een-mas starts this Thursday. As I posted a couple of weeks ago, for each day of Winter-een-mas I’ll be hosting a GameDay. The schedule follows.

  • Thursday the 25th – Battlefield 2142 (PC) 7PM EST
  • Friday the 26th – Rainbow Six: Vegas (360) 8PM EST
  • Saturday the 27th – Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (PC) 4PM EST
  • Sunday the 28th – Gears of War (360) 3PM EST
  • Monday the 29th -Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (PC) 6pm EST
  • Tuesday the 30th – Crackdown Co-op Demo (360) 7PM
  • Wednesday the 31st – Halo 2 (360) 8PM

As you can see I’ve removed Starcraft from the list because, after some eight years, apparently BattleNet has decided it no longer likes my serial key. So I’ve replaced it with Dawn of War: Dark Crusade which is a little newer, and I know it works.

For all of these events, it will be first-come, first served, with the exception of the Crackdown demo. That’s 1 on 1 gametime with me, so I’m going to give away those slots in a special manner. A contest.

Send in your most creative Winter-een-mas photograph to cad.contest (at), and if I choose yours as my favorite, you’ll win the Crackdown co-op slot. Alternatively, if you don’t celebrate Winter-een-mas, you can send in your most creative Crackdown related artwork (edited screens accepted) for a chance to win as well.

While we don’t yet know how much content the Crackdown demo will offer, I figure it’s got to be at least a half an hour of play. I’ll know for certain after I’ve played it, but I figure we can play two or three games, so that’s 2-3 chances to win.

For all other games, as I said, it’s just first come, first served. For certain games, like Gears of War, (since the player cap is so low) I’ll be resetting the room inbetween matches, so new people have a shot at joining. I’ll post detail the day of the event.

In Digital Overload news, I’ve updated the tournament information with more details about the rules. Don’t forget, once you’ve registered and paid for your account, you can sign in and reserve a slot in any of these tournaments. We will be monitoring sign-ups, and we may close tournament registration if they start to fill up, put in your tournament registration soon.

Additionally, we’ll be closing registration for the event completely in mid to late February, so that we can finalize tournament schedules and floorplans for the event. We don’t accept registrations at the door, so if you want to attend Digital Overload, secure your spot soon!

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