The future

May 25, 2007 by Tim

The Ctrl+Alt+Del Animated Series DVD’s have gone into production. They should begin showing up at people’s doorsteps in a week or two. I’ll let you know when they actually start going out.

I think that if I can find some time this weekend, I’m finally going to give the Halo 3 beta a try. There was (obviously) a flurry of talk about it right after the beta opened, but for the last week I haven’t heard squat. What I did hear, though, was that it looked (visually) just like a sharper Halo 2. So with a week or so left, I think I’ll download it and see for myself.

Has anybody noticed that EBGames is already taking pre-orders for Starcraft 2? I mean… seriously? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought games pretty far in advance. I already bought a copy of Halo 3, and that was a few months ago. And the game doesn’t come out until September. But Starcraft 2? We’re talking more than a year and a half left of development on this. And you know it’s going to get pushed back. Blizzard releases “when it’s done”.

How do you even know EBGames is going to exist in two years? How do we know the planet will exist in two years? We could all be dead by then. Sheesh.

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