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June 22, 2005 by Tim

So I got Battlefield 2 retail early yesterday morning. I don’t think I have to tell you how awesome that game is.

I’m going to be closing the CAD/8BT Official Server shortly, and then we’ll swap it over to a retail server. We are going to password protect the retail server. Once it goes live, I’ll tell you how to get on.

I’ve decided that what I’m going to do is combine my “Guide to Battlefield 2” with a sort of “rules for playing on our server” sort of deal, and set up a whole page here on CAD just for B2 stuff. That way you won’t have to keep digging through old newsposts to find the server name or password or whatever.

We’re going to make one password available to CAD/8BT fans that will get you in 90% of the time. Only ninety percent because down the line Brian and I would like to form a clan using our favorite players. So we’re going to need to make the server even more private once or twice a week for practice and/or clan matches.

We are not going to take applications for the clan. That would be foolish for us. We would have hundreds and hundreds of emails from people saying “I am the best player ever”, and it wouldn’t help us at all. Instead we’re going to play B2 for a couple of weeks, and take note of the people we play with who are the best. I’m not talking about the most skilled, because that’s not important to us. I’m talking about the players who work best in a team and who are the most fun to play with. Then we’ll just ask those people personally if they want to plan in a clan.

So if you’re interested in playing with Brian and I in a B2 clan, just hop on our server once it’s up for retail, and don’t be an asshole jerkface.

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