The life of me

January 17, 2005 by Tim

So the last month or so has been pretty interesting for me. I’m sure more than some of you have noticed that I’ve been a bit out of it. Less present in the news posts, in the forums, etc.

Work has been pretty busy around the office here, as usual, especially with the Winter-een-mas season in full-swing. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes things that require my attention, as well as preparation for post-WEMas work and gearing up for everything I have planned for this year.

It’s the middle of winter, so it’s been consistently cold, rainy, gray and snowy out. When it’s like that outside all the time, it’s more difficult to get motivated, and to fight off hibernation instincts.

Mostly though, I’ve been attempting to focus more on my personal life. I live and breathe Ctrl+Alt+Del, and I’m fine with that, because this is something that I love so much. But I wasn’t leaving time for the other things that I want in my life as well, so recently I’ve been giving that some attention, and working on finding a happy medium between my own life, and my work life. I may start taking weekends off, like regular people do.

As far as video games, it’s pretty much been all about World of Warcraft this past month. I love everything about the game (except for the fairly frequent client crashes and the horrendous lag). I’m pimping a L34 Druid, and I run a guild, so that’s pretty fun. It’s a nice little escape.

It’s sort of a slow period in the video game industry, so concentrating on WoW is entirely feasable. In fact, the only game that’d been able to pull me away from it at all in the past week is Resident Evil 4.

I’ve got to say it, because it is sort of my job (I mean, I play video games for a living), but Resident Evil 4 is a gift. It adds so many great little touches to the franchise, it completely rejuvinates a series which was starting to turn stale. This is why I love my GameCube. Nintendo is absolutely magic at putting out some of the best single-player experiences on any console. What they lack in multiplayer flair, they excel at past all other systems in the single-player department, as is evidenced by RE4.

I’ve got a bunch of new WEMas events to post. Wednesday is the deadline to submit events. If you haven’t emailed me your event by noon EST on Wednesday, it’s not getting put up on the site. And stop sending me events being held at your house. I am not going to direct people to private residences. I certainly wouldn’t show up at a stranger’s house for a party that I read about on the internet, and I don’t expect others to either. It’s just not safe for anyone involved. So if you send me events like LAN parties that you’re holding in your mom’s basement, I delete them. Simple as that.

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