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January 19, 2005 by Tim

Winter-een-mas is just around the bend. Are you all ready for the holiday?

Sometime very soon I will be posting that the store now carries Baby Doll tees, as well as a brand new character design for Lilah. So keep an eye on the store, or on these newsposts for the announcement.

If you haven’t sent your Winter-een-mas event to me by now, it will not be posted on the webpage. I will finish putting up the ones I have already received, and that is it.

Just a reminder, I’ll be down in Orlando, Florida late next month for MegaCon. Hope to see you guys there.

I could also use some help from people in the New Haven area. Since I (somewhat) recently moved to Connecticut, I need help finding a new hair stylist. Preferrably close to my area (New Haven) but a short drive isn’t a big deal. Please feel free to email me with your recommendations. I am not looking for a barber. If you do not know what the difference is between a barber and a hair stylist, you do not have the information I’m looking for, and you need not email me.

Thanks guys.

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