The pain is temporary

August 1, 2003 by Tim

As I’m sure you’ve come to expect, I have drawn yet another comic strip for you.

And since you’re not doing anything else at the moment, why not head on over and vote. It uh… saves baby seals. And stuff.

Last night I spent a good couple of hours packaging posters to ship. It is my goal to get all orders mailed before I leave for Baltimore next week. So now’s your chance to make a last minute order for a poster, otherwise it will have to wait until I get back. Also, if you look at the poster order page, you’ll notice that I’ve added the information needed for those of you that want to order via snail mail. Just print out and complete the order form, and mail it in along with your payment.

Also, I want to clear up the Otakon Poster situation. I have had fifty(50) of them printed up. If I manage to sell out my first day at the convention (which I assume to be unlikely), I will have more printed up while I am in Baltimore. I am currently entertaining the idea of mass producing them for sale online at a later date, but at the moment I can only guarantee that they will be available at Otakon. I will be wearing a plastic poncho at the convention, so feel free to slaughter eachother in front of my booth for a chance to get yourself one of these delicious posters. My clothes will be protected.

Speaking of Otakon (and I will be speaking of it over and over for the next week…), there is a particular thread on the Ctrl+Alt+Del forum concerning Otakon Attendance. If you’re planning on going, and want to hang out with other CAD fans (and possibly myself), head on over to the forum and make yourself at home.

I’ve decided that somehow, some way, I am going to have to finish KOTOR before I leave, because I know that if I don’t I’ll be suffering withdrawals. And trust me, nobody wants me trying to get an urgent message to the Republic when I’m supposed to be signing some kid’s poster.

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