The post with no name

April 28, 2006 by Tim

Well the internet exploded yesterday on account of the Wii announcement. I don’t think anyone expected them to announce the name before E3, but their reason for doing so makes sense. Now we get all of the stupid puns and griping out of the way now, so E3’s focus will be on the actual games and system.

I had people sending me links to an online petition to get the name changed back to Revolution. Gimme a break. First of all, if you think any actual corporation takes an online petition seriously, I’ve got a bridge to sell you. Second, it’s just a name. Get over it. It sounds silly? Yeah, well what the fuck is a “google”? That’s what I thought.

(Update: So you can stop emailing me, a “googol” is the term for the very large number. A google is nothing. They are not the same thing.)

Like the name or not, every single tech related webpage, blog, or forum was talking about the Wii yesterday. You can’t buy that kind of media exposure. And Nintendo got it for free yesterday. The little poem they wrote explaining the meaning of Wii might have been a bit cheesy, but A++ in Business 101 for Nintendo.

Personally the name has grown on me. Visually I like it. I haven’t actually had to say “Nintendo Wii” out loud in conversation yet, so we’ll see how that goes. But when it comes down to it, what the hell do I care what they name their system? I just want to play the video games.

There is a new video news post available to members of CAD Premium, which gives a sneak peek at the next Unleashed wallpaper, and some footage of me inking tomorrow’s comic.

The City of Villains GameDay is tomorrow evening. I’ll announce the server an hour before the GameDay starts so you have adequate time to create your villain. I’m still working on a way for us all to meet up. Details tomorrow.

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