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July 14, 2008 by Tim

I have some good news for you to start off your Monday with, Dan “YoungWolf7” is finally home from the hospital following his cancer surgery. The surgery went well, removing eleven tumors. Unfortunately after the surgery Dan experienced a rare bad reaction to the anesthetic which gave everyone a good scare. But he’s home now resting, gearing up for the next (hopefully less invasive) stage of his (second) fight against the cancer.

Thank you again to everyone who donated to Dan and sent words of support. I’m a big advocate of donating to charities, but sometimes when you get the chance to donate to a more direct cause like this, you get the chance to actually see how your donation is helping. And in this case Dan and his family don’t have to worry as much about financial stress of this fight, thanks to your generosity. And since I’m sure they have more than enough to worry about as is, I’m really glad we could do that for them.

I’ll keep you updated on his progress, or you can visit the BrushThralls website (plus if you’re into miniature painting at all, they have a lot of great tutorials).

As for my own good deed for the week… it appears we may have adopted a kitten.

Last week while out to a nice dinner, and sitting by the window, my girlfriend and I saw a couple of very small kittens cross the patio. We asked the restaurant owner about them, and found that they were living under the deck, the only surviving two of a litter of five. The mother was dead or absent. The restaurant employees had been feeding the kittens scraps of food, but the owner told us he was going to have to have them taken away, for obvious reasons.

We said we would be interested in taking on the responsibility of getting them checked out at a vet and fixed, and he said if we could catch them, we could have them.

We were able to lure the smaller one into a cat carrier with some food. Unfortunately, we have thus far been unsuccessful in capturing the larger, more skittish kitten. We now have a Have-A-Heart trap in place and are still hoping to get the sibling, but with each passing day it seems less and less likely that it will happen. It breaks my heart to split them up, and we will continue trying to get the second kitten for as long as we can.

In the meantime, we have given the smaller kitten, tentatively named River (we’re not sure if its a boy or girl… we think its a girl) a home in my guest bedroom.

Until she is checked out by a vet (we have an appointment this week), she will remain quarantined and away from the dogs. She’s young enough (10-12 weeks is our guess) that I feel confident that even though she is a wild cat, with a little bit of patience she can still be socialized. She’s made a lot of progress over just the past few days, taking right to using the litter box, eating cat food, and even being cuddly and playful.

We’ll get her checked out, handle any medical problems she may have, get her started on all of her vaccinations before making the decision, but I’m pretty confident we’ll give her a home here. If we can manage to trap the sibling we’ll do the same, or at least socialize it and then find it a good home.

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