Thief 3 and backing up

June 17, 2004 by Tim

First of all, I think I’ve decided to go with a DVD backup system for now, as it’s more practical for me. I should have mentioned it earlier, but most of the stuff I’m worried about is a one-time backup. For instance, I back up all of the original comic files, and store them, and that’s it. They don’t need to be continually backed up each week. They’re not changing.

The only thing I care about losing if my computer dies, is my original artwork files. They are irreplacable. Settings, programs, etc, can all be re-installed. If I lose the original digital artwork files, they’re gone forever.

Now, on to Thief 3. It has occurred to me that I never really talked about it at length, most likely because it came out just a few days before my life exploded with that whole book ordeal, and, well, you can imagine I had other things on my mind than Thief.

It is a really fun game. Despite today’s comic poking fun at it, if you’re a fan of the first two, or even just looking for a really fun sneaking game, pick up Thief 3.

The atmosphere is great, the lighting is delectable, and the graphics are pretty nifty as well. The characters have a graphical appearance similar to… hmmm… how best to describe it… well, if you’re seen pictures for Everquest 2. It’s very hard to define what it is about the way the graphics look that may them distinctive, but it’s there. Maybe… maybe I think they almost look like clay? Only slightly not…

Anyway, with all of the work stuff going on, I haven’t beaten Thief 3 yet, but I am still playing it, and enjoying every moment. I do have some complaints, primarily with character positioning.

For instance, I’ll see an open window directly across a courtyard from me. A guard turns his back, and I want to hurry across the courtyard, hoist into the open window and vanish before he turns back again. So I make my move. Running, running, running, at the window, space bar to jump to the ledge and… bunny hop. I then procede to do what looks retarded jumping jacks over hot coals as I repeatedly jump at the window, trying to get Garrett to recognize that he’s supposed to grab onto the windowsill. You have to get the angle juuust right, and be juuust the right distance away in order for it to work. This could have been executed better, methinks.

Also, sometimes I’ll be crouched next to a wall, and someone is walking towards me, so I’ll want to stand and press my back against the wall to blend in as they pass. But Garrett won’t stand up. I have to shuffle away from the wall a bit before he’ll stand up, as if there was some invisible barrier above his head.

Anyway, despite a couple of minor, non-game-breaking flaws, Thief 3 is a game I will reccommend to everyone.

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