Things just keep getting better

July 23, 2004 by Tim

Most things, anyway.

Spent my morning sitting in traffic court. Over a month ago, some girl was speeding through an intersection and flew right into the corner of my apartment building. The corner that my apartment is on.

I gave my statement, and a few days later I got a subpeona to appear as a witness. So I show up, bright and early at 9:30am this morning, and sit around for an hour. This case is the last one to be called, and the cop didn’t even show up, so the girl gets off easy. Wonderful.

Got plenty else to concentrate on. Trying to get as many books shipped as possible, and I’m not doing too poorly. It’s just a slow process. I’m going to need a serious vacation after I’m done shipping these books.

I’ll be at Otakon next weekend. I may or may not be on a panel. But I will most definitely be in the artist’s alley somewhere, so you can come say hello and stuff.

Back to work I go.

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