If your teeth can fit…

July 21, 2004 by Tim

I had honestly thought I was finished jabbing at the atrocity that is Catwoman (despite the fact that I could just go on forever about how shitty it looks), but Warner Bros. just keeps giving me material. Sure, it could be just a rumor, but god… the mere thought is just too much to pass up.

Many of you know I was at ConnectiCon this past weekend. I can easily say it was the best convention I have ever attended, in terms of sheer fun. I am writing a very thorough, detailed convention report that I hope to finish today or tomorrow. So if you have pictures of me from the con, please email them to me.

I am thoroughly exhausted though. Conventions can really drain you, and they totally throw you off your rythms and routines. Unfortunately I cannot afford to be out of step this week. I have three main priorities right now: The first is to maintain the regular comics, close second being getting as many books shipped as possible, and third is getting the con report up.

I leave for Otakon next Thursday, so I don’t have any time to waste. It is my personal goal to at LEAST have all of the domestic book orders shipped before I go, and as many of the international orders as possible. Unfortunately international orders take longer and are an enormous pain in the ass to ship.

Needless to say, I’m only approaching the middle of what I have dubbed my “hell month”. After Otakon, I should be on the back end of getting the book pre-orders shipped, I can stop worrying about conventions for a while, and I can just slow down a bit. I’ll relax, take a break from book orders for a while, maybe play some Doom 3 and catch up on my rest. I also, believe it or not, long for the day when most of these boxes are gone, and I can actually clean my apartment again. With all of this clutter I just have no motivation to keep other things tidy, and it’s beginning to get pretty sloppy in here.

Got so much to talk about, but most of it is convention related, so it will all go into the con report. The rest of it is just explaining how much stuff I have to do, and how little time I have to do it in, but I think you have the gist of that already.

Oh, if you missed me at ConnectiCon, it looks like I may be attending UberCon later this year, shortly before I head down to Nekocon. Fun stuff.

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