Yes, yes, a wallpaper from today’s comic is at the bottom of this newspost.

I finally started playing some skate. last night, and I popped it in this afternoon to play for a minute and suddenly three hours had gone by. Whoops.

The demo was fun, and the full game is even better. It’s my opinion that skate has definitely raised the bar for skating/extreme sports games. I haven’t downloaded the demo for Tony Hawk’s Proving Grounds, but if it uses the same “mash buttons and hold directions to pull off crazy tricks like leaping over the Empire State building” controls it has for the last ten of them… I’m just not interested any more. Don’t get me wrong, doing ridiculously, physically impossible skating shit is fun, but I think skate offers up more of a feeling of achievement for executing tricks and lines.

Not to say you can’t do some crazy and hilarious shit in skate… one look at skate.Reel will show you that. I’ve done some neat stuff, but nothing I felt deserved to be uploaded. But I’ll keep at it.

Anyway, here’s your wallpaper.

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