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October 8, 2012 by Tim

Dishonored comes out tomorrow, and I’m encouraged by early reviews. It looks like a neat amalgamation of Thief, Bioshock, Half-Life and Hitman, and I’m glad to hear it has been pulled off with at least some success. I haven’t played it yet, but from watching videos I’ve already noticed a number of flaws that will bug me (Unable to destroy lights? In a sneaking game?), but reviewers so far seem able to overlook the shortcomings in favor of the overall experience. Hopefully I will be able to as well.

I’ve actually made the decision to buy the game for PC, even though in recent years I’ve tended towards playing more games on consoles. Part of that, I think, is my fond recollection of playing the Thief games, and hoping Dishonored measures up on some level. If it doesn’t, I’ve still got Hitman: Absolution to look forward to.

TellTale has also just announced that Episode 4 of The Walking Dead will be coming out on Tues/Wed, which instantly grants this week a gold star and “awesome” status.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be up in Manchester, New Hampshire for Another Anime Con. I’ll be doing a panel, and I should have a table with some books and shirts. I hope you’ll come by and say hello!

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