September 1, 2004 by Tim

Well, we had a bit of a server hiccup this morning. The database server was acting funky, and I was unable to upload the comic. I stayed awake until 6am hoping that it would start working again, but eventually I had to cut my losses and get to sleep, and upload it when I woke up.

Well… I stayed awake until 6am partially because of the server… and partially because of Knights of the Old Republic. I’ve picked up the game where I left off months and months ago, determined to finally beat it before the sequel comes out at the end of the year. I think I may be addicted all over again. The sooner I beat it, the better it will be for all of us.

If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be able to take my vacation next week, and then the following week I’ll be able to put the book back up for sale. You have been notified.

Also, as this might be of interest to a couple of you, starting any day now I’m going to be putting myself into a routine of daily sketches. Before I do any other work for the day, I’m going to sit down and sketch for a bit. This is a result of many talks I’ve had with Hawk about our lack of time for non-comic strip related artwork.

Once I start, I’ll be posting the daily sketch each day in my journal thingy, until I have time to set up an actual sketch gallery. I’m really looking forward to making this little ritual part of my day.

Edit: Itchy trigger finger. Started the daily sketches today. Go to the journal to check it out.

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