To the death

August 6, 2012 by Tim

Zynga is having a bad time lately. They bought the makers of “Draw Something” for a nearly $200 million, just in time for pretty much the entire world to say “You know what, fuck this. I don’t feel like drawing something anymore.” Zynga’s stock recently spiraled into a flaming nosedive, but not before a bunch of their executives unloaded a ton of shares, drawing an “insider trading” class-action lawsuit which they can add to their growing pile of lawsuits.

The latest of which was filed by none other than EA, with an accusation that one of Zynga’s Facebook games is pretty much The Sims with a dumber name. Given than EA and Zynga are two of the most despised/hated uponst publishing companies amongst the gaming community (an observation, not a personal statement), I’m curious to see where the chips will fall in the court of public opinion with this one.

Will EA suddenly look the part of the shining white knight, swooping in to serve up Zynga with the type of long overdue lawsuit that smaller indie publishers can’t afford to wage (from a financial perspective)? Or would gamers prefer to just watch the two publishers maul eachother for sport? 

I got really preoccupied this past weekend, and I now realize that though I posted a comic about Deadlight, I forgot to actually post any sort of write-up on the game. To be honest with you, after playing the demo, I decided not to buy the game.

I really enjoyed Shadow Complex, and I guess I was hoping for that, but with zombies, but really the platforming felt nowhere near as polished and engaging. But worse than that was the constant, cheesy voice acting. The protagonist always has something to say, something that tries so hard to be profound and ends up being laughably stupid. It ruins what was a mediocre atmosphere to begin with, and I didn’t feel like there was really any reason for the game to be set in the 80’s. It contributed nothing to the narrative.

I know most people are on the “sick of zombies” part of the “love zombies/hate zombies” rollercoaster, but I still like them. However after Telltale’s Walking Dead episodes, a “meh” zombie sidescroller like Deadlight just wasn’t going to cut it, no matter how much I wanted it to.

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