Upcoming Reboot

October 23, 2014 by Tim

With Issue #01 of the new Ethan and Lucas adventures imminent, I want to take one last chance to direct your expectations.

  • The new series will be written and produced in the same fashion as a comic book. Each “issue” will be completed in its entirety before it is released. When I release an issue, I will post one page every day for the entirety of the issue. Alternatively, if you wish to simply read the whole thing at once, a digital copy of the issue will be made available for purchase from the start.
  • The reboot is a completely fresh start. Call it an alternate universe or what have you, but as far as this new series is concerned, the previous series never happened. We are not picking up where we left off, and while some elements will be familiar, much will be different.
  • The new series is not going to retread old stories. I’m thrilled that so many of you love the original series so much, and it isn’t going anywhere. It will always be there for you to read through. But the new series is just that. New.
  • The new series is not a ‘two-guys-sitting-on-a-couch-making-fun-of-video-games’ endeavor. It is video-game-centric, but is not topical. These issues are written months before they’re released, and therefore can not deal with current events If I want to make comics about whatever video game just came out, I have the Players/Sillies for that.
  • The new series is not a gag-a-day format. The Ethan and Lucas series is, 100%, focused on story, and as mentioned above, written in comic book form (22+ pages per issue). Again, I have other outlets for gag-a-day/one-shots.
  • Ethan and Lucas are returning (obviously). While it’s possible that other familiar faces from the old series will show up later, the relationships and connections may end up entirely different than how they played out the first time. In otherwords, it’s not safe to assume that anything from the original series dictates what happens in 2.0.
  • My goal will be to alternate issues of the new Ethan and Lucas series with issues of The Starcaster Chronicles. After Issue #1 of the new series is out, we’ll start Issue #2 of The Starcaster Chronicles. I hope to be able to produce 3-4 issues of each per year going forward.
  • -Above all else, prepare yourself for something different and try to keep an open mind about it going in.


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