August 8, 2007 by Tim

Please excuse me if news updates seem to come a little later than usual this month. I just got a new place, so I’ll be moving at the end of the month. You know how that goes, gotta pack up your whole life.

Got Boogie today. I need more time with it to form a solid opinion. It’s hard to not once again notice the Wii’s constantly pixelated graphics, but wiggling and dancing a gelatinous cell-shaded blob around the screen is always a plus. I guess I just need to learn more combos to make it more interesting. The whole thing is clearly aimed at as broad an audience as possible, so I don’t expect to find a lot of depth here. But if there’s fun, I’m happy. The game came with a microphone, which I imagine will just collect dust in a drawer somewhere. The Wii seems too small and delicate to withstand the brunt of my awful singing.

Also grabbed Mario Strikers Charged, but I haven’t played it yet.

A demo for John Woo’s Stranglehold hit XBL today. It’s not… bad. But it does seem a little sloppy to me. At first it was very disappointing, but I urge you to play through the whole demo. It does build up. The more moves you learn, the cooler the fights get. The standoffs and the precision aim were gold. The cool “Tequila-time” moves you can do are pretty nifty, but I found that they left me wanting more variety in them. More object interaction, as opposed to just diving everywhere.

Also the “butt-slide” over counter-tops was cool the first 2-3 times, but when he’s doing it every 5 seconds… I don’t know, it’s a bit much. But overall, I did enjoy the demo. Probably enough to warrant a purchase of the game when it comes out.

Finally, there’s a trailer for Too Human on the marketplace as well. Man, it was seriously disappointing. Maybe it’s just me, but it seemed really half-assed. Like there was no… energy to it. Too Human was right at the top of my list of most-anticipated games, but this trailer really put a dampener on it. I don’t know, watch it. Like I said, maybe it’s just me.

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