We’ve come across a batch of limited edition, numbered, hardcover
copies of the CAD books that weren’t sold in the preorder last year.
These editions will never be printed again, so if you missed out on
ordering them last year, this is your final chance.

Last year we sold out of 1000 of these hardcover books in thirty
minutes. This time we only have about 50 of each volume to offer, so I
can’t even imagine how quickly they’ll go.

The books will go on sale Thursday, May 18th in our store.
Half of the books will be made available at 9am EST, and the other half
will be made available at 9pm EST, to give people as good a chance at
getting the books as possible.

Update: The books will be sold at their original price of $29.99, and include a certificate of authenticity and three stickers (Ethan, Lucas and Zeke).

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