Vote 2/23 Results

February 25, 2015 by Tim

  • Just run. The Aphelion isn’t as fast, but it’s fairly as maneuverable. We just need to shake the mercenary long enough to jump away. 19525 
  • Join the Federation ships in the fight. Charge in and open fire. We don’t need to win a dogfight, but maybe forcing our opponent back onto his heels will give us a moment to line up our escape. 17927

Turning and fighting was in the lead, and may very well have won this vote. However, someone apparently didn’t think I’d notice nearly 100 votes per second coming in for that choice on Monday. We ended with 40,000 more votes than our typical average, another red flag. I had to excise the entire block of fraudulent votes as best I could, but it’s likely some legitimate ones were voided as well.

The poll systems that restrict votes via IP address do not offer an option to hide the results. The winning choice would be spoiled before the page was ever posted. The poll systems that allow hidden results (like I use) don’t allow IP restriction.

It never bothered me that someone could vote a few times, because in the grand scheme of things it all balanced out and monitoring the results I never saw it swinging the vote one way or the other. However automated voting via script won’t be tolerated.

If cheating continues to happen, future polls require logging in to a Google account to vote. It will mean drastically less participation, but at least those people that do vote will know their ballot matters.

Honestly, it’s just a silly comic series about some space rogues. Is it really so important that the votes need to be rigged?

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