I’m putting the remaining stock of the Limited Run Console Wars Propaganda posters up for sale. This is what’s left of the small batch I held back to replace damaged or lost orders from last year’s sale. These are in very limited quantities (especially the Nintendo poster), so if you wanted one then (or just want one now), this is your last chance.

Make sure PayPal has your correct shipping address! Double check it. Triple check it. If you give me the wrong address, and your posters get lost in the mail as a result, I likely will not have any posters left to replace them with. So please, do us both a favor and check your shipping address at checkout.

The posters are 18″x24″, numbered and signed.

Xbox Poster $10.00 SOLD OUT

Wii U Poster $10.00 SOLD OUT

PS4 Poster $10.00 SOLD OUT



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