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February 11, 2015 by Tim

  • Lasers solve everything. Open with a barrage from the Aphelion’s cannons and try to at least scatter the patrol long enough to run. 2168 – 6%
  • Gun it. Trust in Speck’s considerable skills as a pilot to dodge the patrol long enough to make a getaway. 6890 – 18%
  • Whoa now, let’s not panic. Maybe they won’t even noticed our registration is forged. Just play it cool and see what happens. 28861 – 76%

A bit of a landslide, but I’m pleased to see that opening fire came in dead last. I threw it in there because sometimes I need to give you the option to make a horrible, irresponsible decision, but you didn’t take the bait.

I’ve posted a short new Comic Work video, after being asked a few times about drawing hands. While I wish I had some super secret trick to make it really easy, there’s nothing I can offer that a far more qualified tutorial book somewhere can’t do better and more thoroughly. With that said, perhaps watching me sketch some hands and offer a couple of pointers can provide some measure of insight into the process.

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