Warcraft, and the World thereof

April 14, 2004 by Tim

Yes, yes, I finally did a World of Warcraft comic. I know a lot of you were hoping for one, so enjoy. I may be inclined to do more in the future. We’ll see.

Thank you to everyone who emailed in support of Monday’s news post about the collection book. I’m just as eager as you all are to have the CAD book finished, and we’re working as hard as we can. I will keep you updated with any pertinent news regarding its progress.

The I-CON 23 report is up. It may be poorly written, but it will give you an idea how how my weekend went. Sorry it took so long. You can find it in the Funbox.

I picked up Painkiller earlier in the week. I highly reccomend it. A lot of people are going to tell you it sucks, and that you should buy Far Cry instead. Punch those people in the face. Since when is adrenaline pumping, fast paced, intense action not fun? So what if the game doesn’t give a shit or a chicken about stealth? Not all games have to have to have complex mission objectives. Sometimes, just sometimes, spreading the innards of a tommy-gun wielding fatman all over the concrete is just entertaining enough, thank you very much.

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